Weetabix Biscuit Cereal 18 x 215 Grams

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Weetabix Biscuit Cereal 18 x 215 Grams
Weetabix Biscuit Cereal are low-sugar biscuits are made with whole grains for a heart-healthy meal or snack. They are also loaded with fiber and protein for a healthy snack any time of day. Weetabix Biscuit Cereal is low in sugar and fat but high in fiber. Englands favorite breakfast cereal. Suitable for Vegetarians. It comes in the form of a thick, oval shaped biscuit and is made from wholegrain wheat and packed with fiber. Weetabix Biscuit Cereal is heart healthy , Made with 100% whole grain, and fortified with iron, folic acid, niacin, riboflavin and thiamin.



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