About Us

Importer, Exporter, Distributor & Wholesaler

Mission Statement:

To be the world’s most trusted partner for Quality Assurance. By means of a large assortment with exclusive products, extensive services and perfect customer service, we do want to become the first choice for all the suppliers and trading companies of edible and non-edible products.

Vision Statement:

A company that put quality, service, and value as priority to satisfy the needs of our customers.

Who We Are:

We are a wholesale and retail business known as Naveed Trading Company, established in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Mr. Izzat Ullah have been managing this company for over 15 years. We buy and sell General Merchandise, including food products (Halal), Sweet, and Novelties etc. We prefer to purchase from and deal directly with the distributors and manufacturers. We are mainly known as Importers of Foodstuff, specially – beverages. We are one of the biggest supplier/distributor which covers major supermarkets in Pakistan.

Our Distribution:

Being in the International business market since many years, as a customer to many suppliers we have gained level of loyalty to our suppliers which has offered us sole-distribution of their products, some of the products that we currently have distribution for are mentioned below:
Trident Gum (UK)
Pure Heaven (UK)
Bullet Energy Drink (UK)
American Harvest Basil Seed Drink (Thailand)
Our own Brand Faurata (U.A.E)

Our Core Business:

The Company, Naveed Trading, was established in 2003 and ever since working hard for customers satisfaction. We mainly supply imported foods, soft drinks products as a wholesaler. We are the one of the main foodstuff wholesaler/Supplier in Pakistan. We supply beverages, biscuits, jam, chips, fruit juice and cordial, sky flakes crackers, canned fruit, noodles, cereals & etc. Aside supplying the leading hypermarket and supermarket in Pakistan we are exporting foodstuff, non-foodstuff items and soft drinks. Our mission is to provide quality goods with competitive prices in a reliable and efficient way with a customized service packages for our customers.

For the last 15 years in business we are importing from UAE, USA, Thailand, Malaysia and several other countries. We assure our customers for maintaining the highest quality standards, meeting every delivery schedule and compliance with any other specifications required.

We focus mainly on FMCG brands & products such as:
Red Bull Energy Drink
Stute Juice & Jams
Power Horse Energy Drink
WeetaBix Boost Energy Drink
Kellogg’s Cereals
Monster Energy Drink
Cow & Gate Baby Milk Powder
Schweppes Soda & Tonic Water
Aptamil Baby Milk Powder
Perrier Water
SMA Baby Milk Powder
Evian Mineral Water
Nestle Confectionery
Lucozade Energy & Sports Drink
Nestle Nido Milk Powder
Coca Cola Co.
Marvel Skimmed Milk
Ocean Spray Juice
Cadbury Chocolate
Rubicon Juice
Cadbury Drinking Chocolate
Ribena Juice
Master Foods Confectionery
Pure Heaven Sparkling Drink
Ferrero Group Products
Pure Heaven Juice
Trident Gum
American Harvest Basil Seed Drink (Sole Distributor-Pakistan)
Milo Instant Drink
Furata Instant Drink Powder (Sole Distributor-Pakistan)
Nescafe Coffee
Tang Instant Drink Powder
Cypressa Products